December 22, 2011

The Name

Owner's Letter:
Hi There! 
First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Dhani Intan and I am the owner of Blair's Bazaar, an accessories online shop. Blair's Bazaar started as an idea from my mom who wanted to sell her old(vintage) Monet jewelry. But being the perfectionist that I am, I wanted to dive in with a concept, so the butterfly symbol was born. It was inspired by the name, Blair's Bazaar. So, where did the name "Blair's Bazaar" come from you ask? It was inspired by an online beauty guru (her screen name was Blair), I was obsessed with make up at the time. Thus, Blair's Bazaar was born! As Shakespeare would say "What's in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet" For me, the name is not my main concern, I want people to remember Blair's Bazaar as the butterfly symbol, which is often associated with femininity and being free, to express whatever you want to be and wherever you want to go. I wanted the colors to be vibrant, youthful and memorable, thus the yellow, orange, blue and turquoise.

So now, after 7 months passed by, I want to fly to another world, the world of handmade accessories. Starting January 2012, Blair's Bazaar will be creating one-of-a-kind handmade accessories called "Special Design by Blair's Bazaar." Why Special? Because each design is only made once, no mass production here;) So stay tuned for our premiere collection here at 

Thanks for reading
Blair's Bazaar owner and creator

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