December 28, 2011

Sneak peek! ;)


So here's a sneak peek of the upcoming January 2012 collection *yeay!*  But before that, just wanna say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! Hope the joy of 2011 will carry through to 2012.

Speaking of Christmas, I've decided to give one of the Special Design bracelet to a dear friend of mine. I asked her what she got for Christmas and she said "nothing, no prezzies" :( and so I said "can I give you something?" she thought I was joking at first but then eventually gave me her address. I'm glad to hear that she liked the bracelet :)) So yeah, the sneak peak bracelet (pictured below) will not be available for purchase since there will be no remake #sorry But the necklace will still be available. Enjoy! -xoxo-

Sneak peak - bracelet

Sneak peak - necklace

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