March 10, 2012

Mini March Catalog (ALL SOLD OUT)

Hi there!

Presenting our Mini March 2012 Catalog. The main color theme are yellow and black. Enjoy! :)
ps: got my hands on Lady Gaga tickets today! woohoo!:D

owned by Puska


owned by Cassie

owned by Puska

owned by Mega


owned by Krisna
owned by Annisyah
owned by Reny

owned by Mary

owned by Adiek

owned by Melisa
owned by Melisa
owned by Claudia
owned by Claudia

How to find us? or search: Blair's Bazaar
twitter: @BlairsBazaar
pin BB and phone number by request

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  1. unique stuff !
    nice post ! maybe we can follow each other if you want? :)