April 14, 2012

Tips & Tricks: How to store your jewelry

Hi there!
Haven't posted in while, so I thought of sharing some useful info relating to jewelry/accesories.
It’s important to take care of our accessories/jewelry if we want them to last long. Here are some simple tips and tricks that I’d like share:

1.  Store your accessories/jewelry separate from each other. 
For example, I use small/medium size plastics with ziplocks on them. This is to avoid any friction that might cause rust or color change. Imitation jewelry is prone to rust/color change, so this storage separation will prevent damages of other jewelry.

2. Store your jewelry collection in a closed/air-tight compartment. For example, I use a medium size Lock n Lock container. This is to ensure that your jewelry stays nice and dry. Moisture is the main cause of rust/color change. The container can be pricey (approximately idr 90,000 and above), but it’s nothing compared to your precious jewels, right?:)

3.  To keep them extra dry, keep a small amount of silica gel inside your compartment. I bought mine from Ferri (contact number:  08158201386). It cost me idr 20,000 for a big bag of silica (approx 0.5 kg). So cheap! It’ll last you over a year (still haven’t finished mine). Owh, one more note, if the silica gel turns into a light pink/purple color, this means that it’s time to change them out. Change of color means they will no longer absorb any excess moisture.

4.  Always wipe/clean your jewelry with a soft cloth (or tissue if you don’t have one) after you wear them. Even if we stay indoors all day long, our body still produces sweat. And sweat/moisture can trigger rust/color change on our jewelry. So always remember to wipe them clean, don’t be lazy now;)
 5. Avoid spraying perfume on to your jewelry. I suggest you spray on perfume and let your body absorb the moisture before you put on your jewelry. Or simply avoid it all at once and spray on your hand (if your wearing a necklace) or vice versa.

6.  ALWAYS take off your jewelry before taking a shower. Your jewelry WILL change color in a couple of weeks if it comes into contact with moisture.

So that’s what I do to keep my jewelry nice and clean. If you have any additional tips, do tell:) 
Cheers! –xoxo-

photo credit: google.com

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